Campus life

Student life

Pursuing a PhD at the IMT School gives the opportunity to closely interact on campus with fellow colleagues, researchers, and faculties. At IMT, both workspaces and recreational areas are seamlessly blended and offer diverse research opportunities that facilitate interdisciplinary connections. 

Additionally, the proximity of the majority of research facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, and student offices, to the residential spaces within the San Francesco Complex and the new nearby Brunero Paoli complex, streamlines students' lives by reducing travel time and promoting social interactions.



on campus

After a demanding day of hard work, students often unwind in the leisure areas, where they can mingle with individuals from various PhD programs and researchers at varying stages of their careers. 

The IMT residence in the San Francesco Complex boasts numerous spaces for students to socialize and enjoy their free time, such as a living room outfitted with a TV, ping-pong table, sofas, and foosball; several leisure areas with sofas; outdoor gardens for activities; a fitness gym and a Turkish bath to unwind after a strenuous day.




The San Francesco Complex and the new Brunero Paoli complex provide rooms, each furnished with a private bathroom and desk. The residential area boasts several amenities, including a canteen that serves both lunch and dinner, kitchenettes with a stove, microwave, and dishwasher, and a laundry area equipped with four token-operated washer-dryers and a token dispenser. All IMT students enjoy free serviced accommodation and full board at the IMT canteen. 



The IMT School provides students with resources to support their daily work. The San Francesco Complex, the Brunero Paoli complex, and the IMT School Library, all located within walking distance from each other,  offer study rooms with individual desks and research laboratories.